Brio Band


The Brio Band is designed to primarily be an alert system for those who are suffering from a low blood sugar episode. Using built in sensors and a predictive platform, the Brio Band is able to send alerts out of impending/in-progress hypoglycemic episodes via phone call, SMS, or in-app messaging with the companion app. Other features and functions are included to help manage a person's diabetes and overall health.

Why make such a device?

Being diagnosed with diabetes is a life changing event. According to the CDC in 2014, 29.1 million people in the United States have diabetes, around 9.3% of the population. Another 86 million people are in pre diabetes and each year there are 1.7 million new diagnoses of diabetes.

This means 1.7 million people, now have to make changes to how they eat and exercise, along with having to track their blood sugar. This is really important, in that low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, can lead to a myriad of side effects, the worst being death. Essentially, when a diabetic becomes hypoglycemic, they may experience chills, clamminess, shakiness, seizures, and even become unresponsive. When unresponsive, a diabetic is helpless; if someone isn’t around to help them or administer medication/first aid, the likelihood of survival can become slim to none.

This is how the idea came to be, as one of the founder’s friends has had this happen multiple times. They are still around today, but many diabetics do not get nearly as lucky. While deaths due to diabetes is a difficult stat to track, as it is usually attributed to organ failure or some other cause, the knowledge of the possibility is definitely known to the diabetic and the people close to them.

Parents wonder if their child is keeping track of their blood sugar as they should be, or if they are taking their medicine in a timely manner.

Others may have a diabetic parent living on their own and wish they could have a way to be kept in the loop on their glucose levels and vital stats.

Diabetics themselves may be worried that, the next time their blood sugar dips too low, they may not have someone nearby to alert their loved ones or emergency personnel of their crisis. So this is where the Brio Band comes in.

The Brio Band is designed to be a smart glucometer watch with a built in alarm for low blood sugar episodes. When paired with the companion app on your smart phone, the band is able to send an alert out to friends and family of a potential low blood sugar episode, while also producing a local noise alarm. These episodes are detected by either the built in glucometer or using a predictive sensor platform that tests for symptoms of low blood sugar. If this device could help to save one life, then it would be considered an outright success. But where we believe it will have the greatest impact is in providing peace of mind to diabetics and the people closest to them.


  • Predictive platform to alert friends, family, and caregivers of possibly potential or in-progress low blood-sugar episodes.
  • After alerting, materials will be sent to the alerted person on how they can best handle or help the situation.
  • Built in glucometer, lancet, and strip storage allow for easy blood sugar testing without carrying a full kit.
  • Health sensors and GPS to track heart rate, steps/distance, and other fitness metrics.
  • GPS can also be used to help potentially locate an unresponsive diabetic.
  • Prescription reminder to alert you on either your watch or your phone what medication needs to be taken and when.
  • Health and fitness calculators in the app help manage diabetes and health.
  • Digital logs to keep track of blood sugar, fitness metrics, and food intake.
  • Customizable faces to change the looks of the watch.