About The Company

Health Care and Technology Solutions, LLC is a startup company that focuses on medical/health products and research. The company was founded and operates in 2015 in Grand Rapids Michigan. HC&T was founded on the idea of making a healthier community with products, research, and community outreach. We believe that our company can have a much larger impact on people's lives than just the products we make. We want to improve the communities we live in by helping established local and national non-profits and also by creating new outreach programs/classes. We have incorporated these guiding principles into our mission/vision statements and each employee follows our CPR value model to make the best decisions for the company.

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to leverage and utilize technology to create unique solutions for medical and health issues.

Vision Statement:

We will make lives healthier and simpler.

Corporate Values:

Our CPR model is a set of values that represents us here at HC&T. We use it to make the best possible decisions for our business, customers, and community. The CPR model breaks down into the following:

  1. Community: Participating in community outreach via programs, fundraising, and volunteering, while promoting the idea of a healthier future.

  2. Products: Focusing on making user friendly products that are high quality and accurate.

  3. Research: Building a better and healthier future by creating the technologies of tomorrow.

Meet The Team!

Adam Popour

Adam moved to Grand Rapids to pursue a bachelor's degree in Business Administration at Grand Valley State University. After graduating, he decided to switch his focus on to health care systems & products and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Medical and Bioinformatics at GVSU. He has worked for numerous health organizations around western Michigan in various roles in IT/IS, marketing/web design, and service positions. He founded HC&T to both create new solutions to medical issues and to help the community live healthier lives.

Contact: adampopour@hct-solutions.com

Jake Boudreau

Jake has worked in the field of IT for over five years after obtaining his degree from Grand Valley State University in Information Systems. He also obtained his bachelor's in Broadcasting from GVSU while also completing a minor in Business. Currently managing a help desk at a manufacturing company in Grand Rapids, Jake has experience in using and supporting many different applications cross several different platforms. While most recently becoming ITIL Foundation certified, Jake is constantly trying to increase his knowledge in the ever-changing world of IT.

Contact: jakeboudreau@hct-solutions.com

Anush Yepremyan

Anush graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages and Literature, and now pursuing her second Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in International Business/Trade/Commerce and Marketing. During her career, Anush has worn different hats. She has experience in marketing/PR, consumer insight, project management, and administration. In addition to her roles, Anush is also heavily involved in the community. She has volunteered for different organizations including the Union of European Football Associations and Feeding America.

Contact: anushyepremyan@hct-solutions.com

Alissa Smith

Alissa is currently in the Articulated M.S.E./B.S.E. program at Grand Valley where she is pursuing her undergraduate degree in Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering and her graduate degree in Biomedical Engineering. Last year at Grand Valley she was on a team that built an oral device for an individual with cerebral palsy in order to control a wheelchair via the tongue. Besides her schoolwork, she has worked the last three years in manufacturing and quality engineering. Alissa enjoys challenges as her passion is developing devices to make life easier for those in need.